Thursday, October 14, 2010

More info on The Walking Dead

So, The Walking Dead is set to premier on AMC on Halloween, already way cool and a very indemand time slot if my research serves me correctly. I predict this show will be a huge hit with millions tuning into the preimer, I mean honesly who doesn't love a zombie show on Halloween and one that no one has yet seen?

Because I've been hella busy lately, I just came across the trailer for The Walking Dead, sad I know considering that Communications is my thing, lol. Anyhoo, I loved the trailer!! Simply loved it and even got a brief look at Michael Rooker which is always awesome. The director attatched to the series has The Shashank Redemption and The Green Mile under his belt so in my opinion this show was set to be badass right off the bat. The producer did an excellent job in my opinion cause some of these made for tv things look cheesy, not the case here. The make up is excellent and here is a shout out to all the extraordinarly talented people who worked on this project behind the screen, *woot*. You guys roc!

This series reminds me something of a cross between Resident Evil2 and 28 Days later simply because he wakes up from a coma to a world that is virtually ravished by a disease that reaminiates the dead. The lead character is very appealing and human. Just a man looking for his family and clinging to the fading memories of a society that is no more. One thing that pulled at my heart in the preview was the man who sees his zombie wife in his front yard, how does he pull the trigger? Ahh, so many human things to ponder in just the trailer. I predict this show is set for great things and I don't think anyone who tunes into the preimer will be disappointed. There was no glimpse of Norman Reedus, the talented actor that plays sibling to one Michael Rooker but I have seen a few pics that can be found on the web of him in character. I must admit there is a charisma about him and I can see why there are so many fans that are crazy about him. I have checked out his other works and was not disappointed in the least so I know I wont be here either!

The trailer definately left me wanting more and as anyone in entertainment knows, Anticipation is key! More to come later.


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