Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Erotic Romance...

Hey everyone,

Sorry it has been so long since I posted but things have been so crazy busy here. With school work, working on three new novels and with working I have scarcely had time for much else. Anyway, I was thinking about the erotic romance genre that we all love so much. Now, many times I thought I really romance and I do but I don't to cut the erotic of it seems much like cutting off the makeup a woman is wearing that enhances her beauty. This is kind of how I feel about sex in a book. To be without the story is still good but there is nothing wrong with enhancing the beauty of the story and of the characters. Turning up the heat can really make a story burn and sizzle making it a very enjoyable read with a nice glass of wine.

So, after searching for a bit I realized that me and alot of my friends are on the forefront of Erotic Romance publishing which is a major hit online. Now, for those reading this who disagree, first I don't know why you are here and second there is a big difference between pornography and erotic romance. Pornography is absent of any storyline and this is essential in erotic romance. I found a link that is just like RWA but for writers who like it hott! http://www.passionateink.org/ I plan on joining it as soon as I get a little extra cash. I agree with Nora Roberts when she says, "All forms of writing need to be respected and it is time for Romance in all forms to do much of the same thing." Just because we write erotic romance and enjoy it doesn't mean that we are oversexed, strange women who masturbate at our computers *rolls eyes*. Sex is a part of life. A part all of us enjoy why do we always try to deny this and keep it hidden behind the red door? This is the twenty first century isn't it time that we as women, we as authors embrace every ounce of our woman hood including our sexuality and letting go of our fear of saying yes I enjoy writing erotic romance and I enjoy reading it as well.

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