Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blood Tears Prologue

Hey! Okay so I have decided to change up Blood Tears a little bit and this is something new I've added to the story. Hope you enjoy and dont forget to drop a comment and let me know how you like it.


Journal Entry~1
As years pass, memories become like grains of sand. You can’t look at one without looking at all the others. Even the ones you’d rather forget, the ones that haunt you.
I don’t know why I’m keeping this journal, maybe to remind myself that I was once human. Once I had a simple life and had experienced love and joy in abundance. Then one day everything changed.
I became what I am in the year 1347 A.D. In that year one of the most tragic and horrible national disasters in history took place, The Black Death. The horrible and highly contagious disease swept through Europe killing a third of the population. Dead littered the streets and the sky seemed to turn black from the smoke of the fires that burned the dead. People fled their homes in fear, leaving the dying to parish alone in horrible misery. It didn’t take long for the cloud of death to ascend over my home, my family.
My husband, John, was the first one stricken down by the disease. My beautiful twin daughters, Sara and Elizabeth were next. Those who remained in the town decided they weren’t going to take any chances. They boarded us up in our home leaving me without any help and my family without an ounce of sympathy.
I vigilantly kept watch and cared for my family even with my husband begging me to leave and save myself. I could never walk away from my family. If I did then dying wouldn’t matter because without my family I was dead already.
There was little I could do but watch them suffer in agony as they slowly slipped through my fingers. I just sat and prayed, prayed for a miracle that never came. One by one death took them from me. I was overcome with grief I didn’t even realize that the infection had taken over my own body. I sat holding my children, rocking them in the silence of death. I prayed for a new miracle, I prayed to die with my family. I prayed that the dark Angel of Death would appear to me and carry me to that place where I could once again be with my family. It too was a miracle that never came. It was then in my most desperate moment that she appeared to me. In deliriousness, I thought she was the Angel sent to carry me home. She was an angel but she hadn’t been sent to take away.
I can’t say the exact moment she had decided to change me but I do remember the change burning inside of me, burning from the inside out. She changed my soul and who I was forever. The gates of hell had opened bringing plagues, death, fear, destruction, desolation, and hopelessness reeking havoc on mankind. Someone had to be on the front lines. Someone had to fight against the evil.
Ariel, a warrior angel in this fight against evil had found me by chance and decided that I could be a warrior in this war. She didn’t even ask me. She made the decision for me. Created with the ability to send demons back to hell, I protect the innocent and with the help of other unworldly creatures, push back the coming Apocalypse. I now posses super human strength, the ability to heal quickly and I can go long periods without food. I look just anyone else except my eyes are a glowing red in color, well I do have the fire of hell flowing through my veins and that’s how I can banish evil. Cursed as a witch, a demon, a succubus and even the unholy Lilith, my eyes have brought me many trials through the years. In this modern age I have contacts and at times I can even pretend I am just like everyone else.
I’ve lived to see several centuries pass. Witnessed things that I would never have imagined possible. I've lived a long time but have fought even longer. I have experience heartache and remorse as well as laughter and joy through the years. I’ve experienced many things, gained many things and lost many things. I have suffered, I’ve cried, I’ve hoped and believed.
When I think of my husband and my beloved children who were taken from me so long ago, I realized that I had been blessed. Fore blessed was I to know the bittersweet sting of a moments love between a man and woman. Blessed to be a mother and experience love unparalleled in this universe. I was blessed to know the brief sweetness of a simple, mortal life. This is my new life, my new destiny and maybe when all this is done, just maybe God will find it in his heart to let me be with my family in that secret place we call heaven.

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