Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Walking Dead!

Okay, as everyone knows I spend a lot of time on twitter and surfing the net when I am not doing homework, researching, writing, or taking care of my family...wait Damn I do a lot of shit, lol. Anyway, On twitter I've been following the account of an actor by the name of Norman Reedus and he had been mentioning something about The Walking Dead, since then I looked it up and realized it is a series that will be coming this Oct. to AMC. Norman has just been confirmed as staring in the series along with another most awesome addition Michael Rooker who I remember from The Bone Collector amoung various other roles. The two play as brothers in the series and I am even hearing that the six episode show has gotten picked up for a second series.

I am very excited about this series not just because it has some really great actors or the fact that some of the most awesome television writers are attatched to the series. I am completely excited about this series because I love, that's right you heard me, LOVE anything that has to do with zombies. I mean really you can't be a true horror lover if you don't love Zombies, hello George Romero, Dawn of the Dead. Lets not forget all the awesome Resident Evil movies in which one is set for release this year Resident Evil there to see that one. Oh ya!!

*Sigh* I know there are many people out there who have had dreams of being in front of the camera but never me. Nope I've never wished for the spotlight persay ohh man but to be part of the creative mind behind movies like this or even this kind of series, now that would be Wicked! Anyone who does their entertainment research to keep up on popular trends will tell you Comics and Graphic Novels are HOTT right now. Yup, you heard me HOTT. Not only are movies and television entering into converting comics into series or movies but books are also being made into comics. That's right. Laurell K. Hamilton and her Antia Blake series and the recent addition of Sherrilyn Kenyon and her Dark Hunter series. Always a Comic book fan who knew that a guilty pleasure when were children would turn into such a booming industry with whole new following. The next time you're at the nearest bookstore take a look and see what latest Graphic Novel is out because you just might be seeing that in a few years at your nearest theater.

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