Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In Dreams.....

Wow! Okay so the other night I had a really awesome experience. I had this really vivid dream and I woke up at six o'clock in the morning and just had to write all the remnants of it down before it faded. Now, this really isn't usually. I have dreams often and they are all pretty vivid but most of those ones usually deal with ghosts, demons, hunters, zombies, vampires or something equally strange. Hey I never said I was a normal person. This dream was different because it wasn't about any of those things. It was a romance in which I had fallen in love with this man and we were both separated from our spouses but he had cancer and I didn't know it. When he collapses one day and they rush him to the hospital I find out. The cancer is spreading so rapidly there isn't much they can do for him and if a transplant isn't found soo, which there is little hope of, then he will die. His wife, even though they are still separated, is there and she wants me to go but he doesn't. So, I stay because he wants me there. After spending a little time with him in the hospital room I realize I can't watch him die. I know his blood type and mine are the same, I can give him a piece of my lung and that's just what I offer to do. Since he is no longer conscious I inform his wife and she accept it on one condition that I never see him again and I agree. Of course years later his wife tells him what really happens while she is packing her things and leaving. She is sorry for what she did but she saw he looked at her and it broken her heart that he had never looked at her that way but she knew now he never would. He winds up finding her again and all the really good mushy things are shed and they come together. Usually, I never dream about such sappy things but it was a pretty intense dream and I can still see it in my head now, like a movie almost. I will definitely be writing this one down in the form of a story and where it shall it go. Even if it goes no place it was still a cool dream.

M.A Gonzales

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